Special occassions

During the year we organize certain special events for our guests.


Dalarna - Femund trade route
Every year the Femund Fjellstue welcomes a group of people with horses and sledges who go from Drevdagen in Sweden to the old historic mining town of Røros, Norway. This trip was a recreation of an ancient trade route to carry goods from Dalarna in Sweden to Trondheim, Norway via the mountain market town of Røros, and it brings us back to a time before there were roads and trains. The sledges pass by our Fjellstue before they step on the frozen lake Femund towards Røros. Witness a wonderful moment in time!

March and April

Airstrip in Elgå
When the ice on Lake Femund is strong enough (more then 70 cm) we, in relationship with the Norwegian Air sport Society (www.nlf.no), create an airstrip on the lake in front of the Fjellstue. Private airplanes from all over Norway can come and visit us. In this period we organize a special event for them in the Elgå church with music and singers. Of course, everyone is welcome. See also Airstrip in Elgå


Every third weekend in June, starting on Friday and finishing on Sunday, the Femund Fjellstue organizes the annual trout fishing competition. Guests and locals compete for some great prizes. But more important: it’s great fun to be here with people and friends in our nature!


Every first Saturday in September we have our annual Game Evening, which we call ‘Viltaften’ in Norway. Rolf Eriksen specially prepares games dishes made of elk, reindeer, dear, stag, roebuck, bear, hare, pheasant, white grouse, quails, eggs of quails, black cook, wild duck, trout, salmon, whitefish from Lake Femund, lavaret, herring, crayfish, salads, and all the good accessories that follow the game table. In the price desserts of wild berries, cakes and coffee are included. People from all over the region come to the Fjellstue to enjoy this great food. You need to make a reservation for this fantastic dinner evening.

During the year we often organize special events ranging from interesting courses to a new exhibition in our Fjellstue. Check our homepage for details.